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Submitted by Ben Bland on
Tony - your post demonstrates the futility of individuals/specific organisations trying to tackle climate change in isolation. Although it's better to offset than not, the offset business is one of diminishing returns and is not the answer in the long term. If organisations like the World Bank want to effect behavioural change, they need to lead from the front and cut emissions rather than just offsetting them. The problem, as you mention, is that video conferences and emails don't really allow you to communicate as effectively as face-to-face meetings. You make a good case for justifying your carbon emissions but the problem is that if climate change is left up to individuals, most people can come up with a valid utilitarian reason to travel. Even if it's just tourism, you can argue that you are investing in said country (esp if it's a developing nation) or that you are taking a much needed break so that you can work more efficiently when you return.