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Submitted by Olivia on
Dear Tony, indeed, I share the overall message of the previous comment. We should accept that Business-as-usual is simply not acceptable. The problem, of course, is that no one, and certainly no institution wants to be the first to give up the great benefit of being in the right place at the right time. So, the second best option is to reduce the impact. A glorious retrofit. And I speak from experience. I opted for carbon compensation for my own wedding - rather than give up the pleasure of having our friends around. Unless governments agree to regulate the number of flights per capita, or per institution, we will not solve the problem anytime soon. The benefits of being present, and the chance to retrofit, will continue to prevail. The failure, I suspect, lies a little earlier in the chain of cause and effect. Having spent decades debating the scientific case for or against 'man made' global warming, we have lost precious time to make the point across all people and all nations that we should reduce our footprint - carbon and all. Hence, even if a very weak second-best, raising awareness about our individual and institutional carbon footprints is certainly important. Sadly. Olivia Bina Chinese University of Hong Kong