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Yingying, thanks for your question. We have split China's total export to 6 categories: primary products, chemicals, metals/materials, machinery, electronics, light manufactures. 4 of 6 these categories (except electronics) are exactly the same as the categories in SITC. 1) primary <--> SITC: primary products 2) chemicals <--> SITC: manufacturing products: chemicals and related products 3) metals/materials <--> SITC: manufacturing products: manufactured goods classified by material 4) light manufactures <--> SITC: manufacturing products: misc manufacturing articles 5) machinery <--> SITC: manufacturing products: machinery and transport equipment (excluding electronics) 6) electronics <--> SITC: manufacturing products: machinery and transport equipment (only 3 electronic subsectors) So, price indices reported in SITC are used for sector 1-4. Price index for machinery and transport equipment as a whole is used for sector 5. Average price index of the 3 subsectors included in electronics is used for sector 6. We can discuss these and other issues during our upcoming Speak Out event on Dec. 1. You can submit questions now by going here Best, Louis