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Submitted by ex-Expat in PRC on
As some who lived in China until quite recently I have a few comments regarding your Climate/Risk-Management Primer. Although there are a number of indicators suggesting that China's central government is taking more seriously the acute negative environmental impact of its economic / developmental policy, as far as I know there is scant evidence the same can be said about risk management. One example of that are the Chinese plans to build nuclear plants in Sichuan, a region known for its high seismic risk. Add to it the hydroelectric dam construction policy in the same area already noted here by the comment "Re: Sichuan earthquake reconstruction" posted on 7/15/2008 by another reader. It is a pity such observations have yet to be responded by the corresponding blogger. My other comment is that things are much worse at the level of local governments. Though there may be exceptions, my opinion is that they are in general almost obsessed with achieving production or other forms of economic goals at nearly ANY cost, with little or no regard for the well-being of the locals themselves and an absolute lack of interest on the disastrous side-effects in neighboring regions. (Traveling through some of the smaller cities in non-littoral China one encounters scenes and attitudes reminding those described for the 1800s ˝Far West˝ of the United States.) Unless the central government were to become interested in climate and risk management, and pressured local governments, there seems to be no much of a chance local governments will be interested in the plans and objectives of your Primer.