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Submitted by Bosede Amoo on
Our conservation ethics start from the ability to know what is needed at a particular time and to only harvest and buy such. What should be noted are: 1. lf you have an orchard where various fruits and vegetables are grown you must ensure you harvest the ripe ones on time and consume them. Ensure you preserve the rest appropriately to prevent fungi growth which might cause another health problem. There must not be any waste. 2. lf the products are too much for family consumption and there is no means of preservation, sell them at reasonable affordable prices for both rich and poor. 3. lf your status cannot sell such products ensure you share with your neighbours. Do not cultivate in excess of what is required. THERE MUST NOT BE ANY WASTE. 4. We should be looking for ways to process such products such that they will be available even when they are off season. We should aways remember that there is no spare planet. Use some, save some and share some.