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Submitted by Bellyghost on
It is by no means China will enter into a new era ofwhich inflation plays a high profile in the coming days of it's economic growth. It was the old Chairman Jiang's days when the China government announced to play high in the West Developement Programme and National Industrialisation while Mr. Wu - the exisitng Chairman of China play another role with development of high-tech industries that hopefully can bring China into a new era to compete with world great powers. In the old days, fast and rapid production scheme that resulted in nation-wide out-of-control pullotion and de-cultivation will be gone. The national industrialisation resulted in China becoming the world's biggest factory while this situation will still prevail for some years but it is not the will of the exisitng government. But what we can see is that the rapid developement of China brings a huge problem of resources and minerals that needed for national consumption and this need increase annually that made China's inflation a real problem to tackle with. Fortunately the government itself subjectively subsidize most of the industries that bearly to control the inflation, long can China withstand this situation!?