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Submitted by PAMELA GUNIO on
I have lived my childhood years in Manila,and remember those typhoons that passed every year. Enjoyed the no classes days because of the ocassion of floods. After all, Philippines sits near the typhoon belt, something we learned at an early age. So, you would think that its normal but one thing that is not is the degree that these natural disasters have become. One month worth of rain in 6 hours that Typhoon Ondoy has brought in Manila, that's ridiculous. No doubt that climate change has something to do with this. I agree with back to basics but slightly in a different sense. I am thinking in a smaller scale. Recycling, planting trees, carpooling, and other elementary things that everyone is capable to do. As a developing country, I realized that every other year that we go home to visit, a new shopping mall or highway road has been built of what used to be full of trees. These infrastructures are good for the growth of our economy but hopes that there is a way to balance both. Also, I believe that local government needs to prioritize things like fixing the sewage of their own cities in a regular basis to avoid the extremity of these typhoons. You know how greedy these politicians can be in developing countries and its a shame that they hold such power that they can use for the good of all not for themselves alone. We need to accept that we live in a new age where small or big decisions we make with nature will definitely have a greater effect wherever we live. That is the thing with nature, everyone is equal from Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, US (a developed country) to Typhoon Ondoy in Manila,Philippines (developing country).