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Dear scholar warrior, we actually discussed whether climate has hijacked the environmental at one of our internal environments recently. We came to the conclusion that environmental degradation certainly is larger than "just" climate change (CC) and that there many more challenges to be addressed but that in the end CC is the overarching one threatening to worsen most of the other challenges as well. Just as an example the environment in and around the East Asian Seas is highly threatened due to waste of all forms which is dumped in or near to the sea. This threatens not just fish but also men and many other living organisms. Now climate change one could argue is not really in this scenario. However it actually is. Just thinking about the melting polar caps which will in the medium term lead to rising sea levels two things will happen: a) waste currently dumped near the shores will be washed into the sea further aggravating sea pollution, and b) large areas may be flooded with poisonous substances further degrading land. So in principle I agree with you that we need to act now to stop environmental degradation but we also need to urgently arrest climate change. I disagree that the earth will self adjust. There are visible and disturbing effect of climate change and so far the effects are not slowing down but are actually appearing faster than conservatively expected. I also disagree that leaders, policy-makers etc cannot bring about change. As an example renewable energy received a big push in Germany through regulations on feed-in tariffs etc. It's more about creating incentives and penalties. In my view it's primarily about governments enforcing change, companies then have to follow suit. Yes consumers do have power but they are unlikely to be willing to pay the price tag for green solutions if they do not have to. And climate change is about scale and the poorest simply cannot afford green choices without help. Which is why we are focusing our development on climate change and on helping the poor with innovative and low cost solutions. Glad to discuss further.