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Submitted by Joe Qian on
Hi SMATTH, Thank you for the insightful comment! I agree with you that in regards to certain dimensions such as those you mentioned of effective communications and cultural assimilation, intra-country migrants may have an easier time than those who choose to migrate overseas. However, I think those who risk going overseas may see themselves receiving greater monetary rewards, it's possible (though not guaranteed) to make 10 times more working in the same manner in the US. This often comes at the price of being quite isolated in an alien society and spending much longer periods of time without seeing family. Additionally, the majority of less educated migrants tend to be relegated to certain economic enclaves such as factory work or construction and unfortunately, workers overall are not completely free from being paid low wages, mistreated, and ostracized by "natives." Education and Meritocracy tend to be the most effective ways out.