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Submitted by Greg Lopez on
Thank you Dr. Schellekens, Your report and an earlier analysis by Yusuf and Nabeshima (2009) confirm what many other economist and even ordinary Malaysians know - we're (I'm a Malaysian) not living up to our potential - the need to revitalize the dynamism of its economy as your report puts it. However, your report and many other institutional commentators do not identify the key bottleneck - which is Malaysia's political structure. In order to maintain political dominance but often crouched as infant industry argument - the government has has dominated vast segments of the national economy. The national interest is defined narrowly focusing on maintaining political dominance and not national competitiveness. I know that the Malaysian government would not have supported this report if it was critical of the Malaysian political system - but I do hope that privately, you and your team have pointed this out to them. My points are further elaborated in the following article: