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How can a country move forward when the basic structure of the country is faulty.Why do economists only address the problem academically.Everything you say will go out of the window if the Malaysian government to stay in power decides that Islamic law previals over British Common and Civil Law.ost of the land in Malaysia belongs to the Malays ( Malay Reserve Land), the Institutions are filled with only one race with no oversight leading to inefficiency and corruption.There is a strong resentment by all races-Malays, Chinese and Indians that a certain group of people ( Bumiputras, Elite Malay and Royalty) are in control of the government-AND all economic plans/policies are made for their benefit.There is a class war, a religios war among the Malays. There is an new young Muslim group that wants and demands change but to be pinned donw by the Government to prevent any democractic change.When teh whole staructre in Malaysia is so faulty with the essential point about who is a citizen still in question-all what you say is academic/conjecture.There will be no progress until Malaysia recognizes that "All Malaysians are Equal".