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Submitted by Sandra on
The Tina River Hydro will never happen. The World Bank has a track record of funding Hydro Feasibility studies on Guadacanal, yet no follow through is completed. Koramindi in the 70's and Lunga in the 90's were both far superior sites yet they were shelved. Now Tina is proposed as a site for third party Public Private Partnerships, yet who would sign PPP with SIEA when SIEA can't fund it's self let alone pay an Independent Power Producer. This would force the IPP to the wall, so SIEA could pick it up for next to nothing. Perhaps that's what their waiting for, some naive IPP, or is it just a naive World Bank hoping and praying? It's not SIEA that's Naive. They're as cunning as foxes, waiting for the next donor to come along and fund their inefficiencies. The World Bank is busy looking busy, yet more decades will be wasted before another World Bank feasibility study is conducted on another site, long after Koramindi, Lunga and Tina river are forgotten. So yet another reorganizing of SIEA will be funded. That's becoming a yearly event. New schemes ,yet the same old SIEA is churned out in the end.