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Dear Asmeen and Meliza, Thanks for your comments. I couldn't do full justice in the blog post to the articles I referred to so I'm glad you read the original, Asmeen. I would encourage others who are interested in the topic to do the same. Meliza, as for volunteering -- there are many opportunities. This is important for those who are young women themselves and want to participate more fully in their communities. The transition to responsible citizenship, as the WDR calls it, is key because how young people start to engage in civic life is a key determinant with their participation later on, including in voting behavior. But volunteering is also important for those who are adults but are still "young at heart" and want to help in programs that affect the lives of young women. The World Bank does not accept volunteers -- but there are many programs that do. I typed "volunteer young women developing countries" in a couple of search engines and got a lot of references. You might also want to look at the UNDP's UN volunteer program in case that is something that would interest you.