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Thank you Mr. Shrivastava and Ms. Yi for your interest in our EAP blog and your specific questions on Cambodia. Your question on priority sectors is very interesting and critical. Officials and entrepreneurs are all too aware of the need for the economy to diversify. The government has prioritized 19 products in its trade strategy (see at We looked at this as well last year in our report on growth ( As a result, the government indeed is taking a number of sectoral measures to help the garment sector, the tourism sector, the construction sector, or the rice sector to develop. However the reality is that we can only make quite general points about promising sectors. For instance it is likely that promising sectors will build on Cambodia's comparative advantages (which are its strategic location in Southeast Asia, its land, biodiversity, young population, historical heritage, etc.); but entrepreneurs won't know which sectors until it's been tried. Ms. Yi's question on FDI is also important. It is indeed important for Cambodia to continue mobilizing FDI (as it has successfully done over the past few years) to supplement its own domestic savings. Using FDI well, as you put it, depends largely on the same conditions for "using well" domestic investments. Removing constraints on the broad investment climate is important so that both domestic and foreign investors move into new sectors and help diversify the economy.