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Submitted by Richard Currey on
Dear Mr. Guimbert, I enjoyed reading your blog, and I am impressed with the depth of your knowledge on the Cambodian economy. I am an entrepreneur currently working on a feasibility study and business plan for an AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) plant in or around Phnom Penh. My research is more of the shoe-sole variety, as I walk the streets of Phnom Penh and look at construction activity as I pass, in slow motion. I have noticed a good deal of medium and fairly large projects re-starting and new starts. These are all still using traditional brick for wall material in low-rises and as filler material in medium to high-rises. This is an old, expensive and not very environmentally friendly way to do things. AAC Blocks have taken over this market in similar situations in China, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysisa, and starting now in Viet Nam. No reason why this cannot work in Cambodia - - well not many reasons, as I am finding out doing my feasibility analysis. Actually I need some information on the construction sector in Cambodia, and I was wondering if you can point me in the right direction -- Any information you can provide is most appreciated Regards Richard Currey