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Submitted by Raj on
Mr Gao: Thanks for your articles on SOE size and profitability. My quick question: Per the National Economic Census, the number of SOEs decreased by 20% to 143,000 in 2009. (This is slightly different from your number of 154,000 but let's go with the Census number for now). Per your chart the average assets per SOE increased from RMB 300 MN in 2004 to RMB 923 MN in 2009. Putting these assertions together, the total SOE assets have grown from RMB 53 Trillion to RMB 132 Trillion in 5 years (from 2004 to 2009).... that's a growth of RMB 80 Trillion in assets (US $ 11.5 Trillion). Are you sure about these numbers?