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Submitted by Professor Paul Sullivan on
I am looking into the causes, economic, social, and other effects and the possible ways to mitigate the damage to people, crops, livelihoods and more from the Zud. Who are Mongolia's top experts on the Zud? Who are the top experts on this outside of Mongolia? What organization, both domestic and international, help alleviate the disasters from the Zud? What happens to the people who need to leave the lands to the cities? What do they end up doing? How do they live? Are there any detailed and rigorous reports on this? Are there any projects in Mongolia for crop and livestock insurance that work well. What are the plans for the next Zud? Does anyone have any idea when it will happen again? It is more common now than ever before. Do your experts think this is because of climate change or for other reasons? Who is trying to look into this connection who does rigorous work? Thank You Paul Sullivan NDU/Georgetown Columnist UB Post Mongolia