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This is a misinformed view so let me point out why. The World Bank's Interim Strategy Note for 2009-2010, Report No. 483 1 1 -MN (available on the Bank's website) is clear in that the Banks strategy during this period will focus on supporting the Government's immediate crisis response and associated reforms with potential to improve medium-term management of the country's mineral-based economy by focusing on three strategic areas: (1) Improve macro and fiscal sustainability in a mineral-based economy; (2) protect the poor and vulnerable; and (3) encourage transparent and prudent mining investments and a more competitive and stable medium-term business investment climate. WBG assistance in each strategic area will focus initially on short-term crisis response, but will shift toward medium-term policy and institutional reforms as economic conditions stabilize and planned policy and institutional reforms proceed. In addition the Bank is supporting a mining sector institutional strengthening technical assistance project, report No. 43857, available on the web, whose key objectives are: (i) strengthening the capacity to manage mining revenues and develop economic and sector policies, (ii) Improve regulatory capacity to manage mining sector development, (iii) develop the capacity for management of state equity, and (iv) project management. I hope this sufficiently clarifies any misconceptions of the Bank's role in this sector.