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Submitted by Amarsanaa T on
First of all I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all people that participated in this discussion. I agree with all comments in here. Mining boom, climate changing, global warming, and rapid increase of population goat all caused harsh consequences of present situation. Honestly saying I little bit embarrassed that until now no Mongolians participated in here. As a ordinary Mongolian I want to share with you my own thoughts. We are Mongolians talk about this issue among us very often. Every time we ask our selves what to do in the future? How to prevent this disaster? If I have chance to meet people from countryside I ask them "is there any possibility to survive our livestock in this climate changing situation? Most of them replied that there is no solution how to deal with this. Frequency of DZUD is increasing year by year. Economic condition for herders getting worser dramatically. If this kind of disaster hits again next year I do not know how will they survive. And it's time to us admit that aggregating circumstances of climate change (global warming) leads 'end' of nomadic life style of our people. We have to consider other resources for living. And one of possible way to living for rural people might be SEA- BUCKTHORN FARMING.