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Andrei, I think in general its very difficult to say what is a "correct" herd size. However, we know from past history that herd sizes in Mongolia right up to the 1990s did not go beyond 25 million. Now, were at 44 million or so. So, the question becomes with the market economy and liberalization, what incentives are leading herders to have more animals? Are they facing greater vulnerabilities? And in turn this 'forces' them to increase herd sizes? what happens if the herd size doubles from 44 to 88? will that be good to give enough income and security? or will increased quality of the herds by providing more value from the stock increase incomes and earnings? If so, how best can that be done? As I mentioned earlier, these are discussions which need to take place from the bottom up, with communities, private sector, civic groups and the policy makers, so the trade-offs are well understood.