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(Note: The title of this comment was edited shortly after posting for better clarity) Secondly: what does it mean when I say that median consumption is above the poverty line? If the consumption of this median household is above the poverty line, then by definition at least half of the households (the households that rank higher than that household) must be above the line- see my comment above. Looking at the graphs, the median household’s consumption is quite a long way above the poverty line, which makes me think that the percentage meeting this level must be quite a lot higher than 50%, representing a significant improvement since the 2005 data I cited. This is really encouraging at this stage in the project, but the last thing we want to do is to decide that these households are already doing well enough, when in fact they will continue to require support throughout the next few years if this progress is to be sustainable, and the Concession Agreement commits to supporting ALL household to reach above the poverty line.