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(Note: The title of this comment was edited shortly after posting for better clarity) Finally, there seems to have been a decline in consumption since May 2007. What is driving this? Is it a real decline in living standards? As I said in the blog, I don’t want to read too much into these figures, because the surveys were carried out at different times of the year. Consumption is measured with a 1 week recall, and therefore may be affected by seasonal fluctuations in consumption. Consumption is also affected by changes in the amount of support the households receive from the project. During physical relocation households received transitional assistance such as rice support, which has now been phased out or reduced for all but the most vulnerable households. In addition, later in the blog we are going to see the opposite picture with incomes- from which we exclude assistance from the project- which are measured with a one year recall period. We will see that incomes fell during the first, disruptive, stages of physical relocation, but have begun to increase again now that households are settled into their new environment.