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Submitted by phoutthasinh on
Hi, Thank you very much for your response, very much appreciated shaing your thoughts. I agree with you that sustainability of livelihood depend very much on natural resources. The latest NTFPs handbook in 2010 ( shows that income from NTFPs at the village level is in between 1/3 -1/2 of the total income; or over 300$ per household per year. If the farmers are no longer access to NTFPs because there is no longer the forest (already flooded); if there are less cultivated land for agriculture; if the quality of the water and water resources is not the same; then we need to find a new income source for them in the long term. The question then would be what realistic job could be in the future? NT2 must have a realistic strategy and workplan on that, not just to build insfrustructure that only look cool for visitors. I think we need to be honest about the situtation because it is still too early to concluded that resettled people that made way to the NT2 already have a better lives; they are very happy; when their consumption is so far given by the project and their income are not sustainable; when the visible improvement is only the infrustructures. By the way, how long have you been living in Laos? I am wondering how many more years do you need in order to get a local job (probably in the resettle areas) without the WB paying for you? luckily that you are educated and probably have some saving to start with while the resetllers don't have that. Thanks again for your comments and I am looking to learn more from you, Sincerely, Phoutthasinh