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Submitted by Arish on
Nina, These are all an excellent series of blogs - all very thought provoking, and really useful. It is striking that around 85% of people feel their lives are 'much better' after the resettlement (is this really true??!!!). I am not familiar with the project, and I was wondering what you might recommend as more detailed reading on the entire resettlement planning and implementation procedure for the 17 villages, and on what the underlying principles that framed the resettlement strategy were. Also, how would you weight the various issues of concern in the 'concerns of households' survey? Who designed and carried out the survey? I share your concern about livelihoods and socio-cultural change in the transition process. Good to know you are going to be analyzing more data on this. However, living in Laos and presumably being very close to the situation - what is your own intuitive or gut sense of what was lost and what was gained, and what could have been done differently? How do you think different age groups feel about the transition? Also in addition to surveying the villagers for 'data' has there been any thought of interviewing them for 'stories'? Please keep writing! Thanks, Arish