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Submitted by Greg Lopez on
Good day Philip, As you may have been following, Najib's strongest opposition is coming from PERKASA, a right wing Malay group. Najib will need advice on how to neutralise PERKASA and the vested interests that are hiding behind PERKASA. Would it be useful for WB to proide Malaysia with actual case studies on how other countries have neutralised opposition to reform. I would recommend the following: 1. Request NEAC to formally collect the various opposition to the NEM. Then a group can categorise the opposition based on type. I assume it would generally fall into two categories - (i) based on genuine concern and (ii) smoke-screen to hide vested interests. This should be publisiced so that Malaysians can view the position of different groups transparently. 2. Formulate adequate response to the stated oppostion publicly. This allows for better quality debate. As example, most Malays (bumiputera) and poor Malaysians are concerned about employment opportunities going to foreigners. A government commitment to equalise wages between local and migrants among those with the same skill will encourage employers to hire more Malaysians. By allowing trade unions to be formed, workers welfare will be protected. Firms that are not competitive can than either choose to relocate overseas (to cheaper locations) or improve productivity through technology. A strategy such as the above will allow Najib to out flank the emotive but baseless arguments provided by PERKASA who are riding on genuine fears of poor Malays/bumiputeras. The WB in collaboration with different academic institutions and think tanks can provide a broad based intellectual argument against the likes of PERKASA.