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For the past 40 years Malaysia implemented the NEP purportedly to alleviate poverty of the Malay (Bumiputras). That policy was defacto not a policy of affirmative action but was positive racial discrimination. While it supported the elite Bumiputras in seeking scholarships, shares at discounts, land, licenses it was not a level playing field for even the Bumiputras. The Royalty and elite benefitted from this policy. As for the non-Malays it was un developing them-not being able to participate in the economy or attend universities that carried a quota. Worst still for race relations it tore up the country through this segregation-there is still much hatred today with the government’s policies. Now in 2010, Malaysia finds itself unable to compete globally in the market. Free trade rules do not allow for discrimination and the failure to obtain an FTA with the USA, speaks by itself-the USA will not accept apartheid. In the process of trying to participate, the Malaysia government has come out with the NEM (New Economic Model). Let me say at the outset, that this is nothing more than a relabeling of the NEP to satisfy conditions to be accepted into a multilateral treaty of sorts! The World must not allow this. This will enable the Malay government to work with US and other companies in Malaysia contracts leaving out the Chinese and Indians. This must never be allowed to happen. The Malaysian government is attempting to enter the backdoor knowing fully well that the front is shut and locked because of the racial discriminatory policy.