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Submitted by Greg Lopez on
Hi there Philip, Thanks again for another sound intellectual argument on the need for economic reforms, specific areas as well the accompanying policies that needs to be taken I get the sense that Premier Najib, at this point in time, needs a political strategy rather than an economic one. He appears to be floundering at every turn - coming under attack from within and without his party on any economic reform initiative that he attempts. Would it be a good time for the WB to do a study on "sequencing reforms" with a focus on the political economy taking lessons from other economies that have managed disparate stakeholders but also learning from how Malaysia's earlier reforms were done in managing the different stakeholders and if it can be implemented at all under the present political arrangements. I am sure that you are aware that many of these recommendations have been coming in different forms since 1990 (when the NEP was to be reviewed) but have yet to gain traction because of the political arrangements. I fear the NEM, which captures many of the WB recommendations here and in last year's monitor, may go the same way. At this point in time, how to actually to get the reforms done is what Najib & Malaysia needs. Thanks Greg