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Robin, when the person who maintains the blog, saw your post, she wrote to me to say "there is another post. However before you look at the post, you might want to go grab a coffee". I think, a coffee would not do in this case!! In reading the excellent comments you shared, a few things for us to think through: (a) we would need to establish how serious a problem RADON really is. (b) If it is needed a serious problem, to what extent is the problem of RADON known to the authorities? Especially if as you suggest a number of Russian and Mongolian scientists have been doing research already; And why havent they acted on it? or if they are is it sufficient? (c) What levels of health risk are posed in different dwelling types and situations by the RADON emissions? (d) in doing the RADON assessments what is the size of the sample that would make sense and how much would that cost? Hopefully we can get other development partners involved in this effort as well.