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Submitted by PB Anand on
Arshad and colleagues, Thank you for these excellent postings. We are currently working on the National Human Developemnt Report for Mongolia where urban air pollution is one of the issues being touched on. One of our colleagues Dr Saijaa is working on this topic, especially looking at health impacts. Apart from the points you have already made, his analysis also suggests that in winter months sulphur dioxide levels also go up very significantly. The standard for SO2 I am told is 20 micro grams per cubic metre and this is apparently exceeded from November to February. Some correlation is also observed between air pollution levels and incidence of respiratory disease burden. (Results apply to morbidity only; no significant relationship is noticed between pollution levels and mortality due to related causes.) We were not aware of the RADON issue. We will explore that a bit further. We will be delighted to share if we find anything of course. Great post. Thanks. Anand