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Submitted by Dok on
Hello Arshad We can see the real situation from your this post. As you said, winter is already returned back, so I guess its still the same as usual, perhaps worse than before. Thank you for letting us be aware of the truth. By the way, I am Mongolian as well and I study in China now as a researcher. I've started to research about air quality, particularly I want to make forecasting of UB air pollution. It's because, of course all we are concerned about that bad condition to live. And I really want to provide the public with the news to make them know the dangers of those pollution for next day. I hope it will contribute to reduce air pollution at UB if I successfully finished my study. I've found this post in a web search, and I am glad, cause probably I will find someone who is studying air pollution issue at UB. Could you send me some contacts of those guys, if you have time and if it's possible, please? Because now I really need to know how to formulate the model with the surroundings. Thank you in advance. Great post, thanks. Dok