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It was heartening to see the world respond with great ability and gusto for the flood relief crises needs. It just shows that humanity is above all prejudices, race, colour or creed. I had the immense pleasure of bieng responded to in half an hour by Crises Camp volunteer on Sahana and U shahidi when they created the one response incident report and crises map for Pakistan on 4 rth August as I sat in Karachi . I posted the flood relief camps and IDP situation from Dadu, Sindh where initial camps with some 65,000 persons were formed.Today many areas were reflooded and the camp and relief work has evoolved and changed its face for example , in Johi town where some 400 families were initially kept inside schools and govt., buildings were relocated to open bunds in anticipation of town bieng flooded, without shelter and with massive unmet needs. I identify a real need for mapping and keeping records of an area on a real time basis with a focal person incharge of reporting. This can be then filtered into clusters and needs assessed and addressed by the relief organisations. The problem we are facing on ground right now is that the needy NGOs and the relief providers do not know how to approach each other.Also there is no slot of local television channels which have provided tremendous information as they have live call ins fro m all the flood affected areas. There is a need to establish some linkages and data inpt from their broadcasts which provide all information location wise especially in Sindh.