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Submitted by boongah on

I am a Malaysian, and proud and feel so great to be born here - absolutely! I went to local public schools during the era of Dr. Mahathir and earned degrees from both local and from the UK universities. I'm sure our education system among the best and I'm sure the policy makers will continue to formulate policies which will further enhance the quality of life here.
See, developing countries need to educate themselves about what is brain drain is all about, why it has to happen now, what implication and etc. Just like people learn to know what is HIV and do not fear to let them live among us as usual. All SEA countries are facing brain drain issues at the moment; be it Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia etc. So, it is not really about which country will gain more brainy people going into their country or vice versa.
Countries shouldn't be continued debating about it - no point, should stop. They (through the existing community example ASEAN), they could collaborate how they can maximize and craft our own definition of brain drain; find ways to mould the strategy or stimulation package. An absolute example, as such as Talent Corp of Malaysia; but the current program which they are doing just need to make it a little global friendly. Remember.. Today’s global organization is about being Green-friendly. Well same principle applies to Brain Drain. Many government today perceive Brain Drain as something they fear and disadvantage to their administration. How to tackle this then? Very simple indeed.. Blue Ocean is about how McDonalds could craft magnificent value meals around the world but they still can be rich and pay back tax to their own country. Some of a basic example, maybe if you a Malaysian working for an Indonesian company, you will get a free car, free insurance etc. Travel to Indonesia with no visa.
Let the brainy brains floating within the boundaries that we as the policy makers, the capitalist, the economist, the managers decide where it should benefit, then we can be powerful and enrich each other not to fear living next to each other, like some country does. One must remember and learn this one thing ( i learnt this from Winston Churchill, Hikayat Hang Tuah and Doctor in the House) that... last time who has more lands / owns more natural resources is the Man of the time. But today, you need to duplicate your 'natural resources' which is your brain so that you will win the battle (Winston Churchill) and will never go misguided because religion ask you to share your knowledge and be thankful to your idea makers (Hang Tuah) so that you could live rich by first making sure others who lives around you can also get rich too (of course by maximizing opportunity, flexibility and promote a balance life while not to fear about losing brainy workers). It will be a new approach on how capitalist system should be manipulated today. In fact it can be administered rightly for our own benefit and for the world). Do not fears change (Tun Mahathir).
To all, I am a brain-drainer, I work for a company which owns 30% by a leading Bumi company (thank you for such policy, we learnt from the Brit unwritten constitutional) and contribute works for an international publication (if that is to be called as brain drain, perhaps). I would say, may my kids will live anywhere in the world he likes, marry any Muslims anywhere in the world he loves and paying e-tax to a country he felt his patriotically faith is belong. So live no fear to Brain Drain. To Muslims - it's already written in the Quran, Allah asks you to Hijrah and see the world and be kind to all humans.. He already introduced globalization and Brain Drain policy...indeed and it is here now that’s for us to admit His Almighty and He is just all around.