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Thanks again to World Bank for an excellent study. The various works under the Malaysia Economic Monitor series provides rigorous analysis on the state of the Malaysian economy. As I have noted, these issues have been know to the government and to those who follow Malaysia closely. The WB reports correctly brings it to the fore in a timely fashion. However, I doubt if the present administration has the capacity to undertake the necessary reforms. Dr. Mahathir, when in power, had at his disposal all legitimate and illegitimate means of power - and yet he failed to institute relevant reforms fearing the vested interests that keeps him in power. I doubt Mr. Najib or anyone from the current ruling coalition can do better. I would strong recommend that the WB in its next publication focus on the types of institutional arrangements that are needed to move Malaysia into a high income economy and sustain it. It would demonstrate in the clearest manner, that the present arrangements - political, economic and social arrangements are incompatible to driving Malaysian into a high income economy. Best Greg