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Submitted by shchoy on
Anonymous, We can debate/argue about needing more measurements and data, it still doesn't deny the fact that there's a 1 million + of our brightest people leaving and contributing to other countries every year. It is an obvious shallow comment to say that it doesn't matter where the "brain" is located. It's really all about where the brain is located !!! Do you think companies such as Microsoft, Intel, HSBC, Citibank, etc... will setup shop here to provide job/growth to Malaysians if the "Brains" and skills are not available locally? Even looking at a more grass-root level, it's obvious that "local" talent is important. Imagine if we have no "local brains" for basic medical surgery. We're going to need to constantly fly doctors and patients overseas! Arguing that it doesn't matter where the "Brains" are is like saying it doesn't matter that all Malaysians only have primary school education, and Malaysians will still be more competitive that say Singapore.....