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Submitted by Unemployed Insipired on
First of all, thank you for this article - it has inspired me to get off my unemployed arse and try harder to get a job in Singapore or elsewhere. After all, the biggest motivation one can have to try harder is to see hard numbers of others (> 1 million !!!) succeeding where one has yet to. The other point i'd like to raise is whether this "brain drain" is necessarily a bad thing - the "character building" circumstances facing many Malaysians today might be the same set of circumstances that give rise to future, productive Singaporeans or Australians or Brits / Yankees formerly of Malaysian origin that rise to the top of their respective fields. There is no shame in Malaysia being a crèche of talent to this world. Of course those left behind still (including yours truly) might have something to be bitter about. But it is what it is.