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Brain drain is the issue here pal. It happens to every developing country even more so for Malaysia because we happen be a largely English speaking background. How will they contribute to a country if they are not serving its people and economy? You have made no mention about it. There is no way to calculate the effects of brain drain. Talent and qualifications cannot be calculate as it is merely a potential. If a country is able to utilise that potential, it will reap the benefits exponentially. Say if you want to get a building up, you go to Samsung. If you want a propeller built, you go to Hyundai. If Malaysia wants to compete with countries with these specialities, they must have the resources to do so, in terms of money and skilled manpower. Malaysia has neither but it would be comforting to know that they at least have the manpower. So brain drain is not a myth as such you have put forward but rather a grieve problem facing a lot of countries in the developing world. It should be tackled.