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Submitted by Denis Crowdy on
I note with frustration and concern that the blog admin has removed names in the post by Stella above. The criteria in the comments policy that would appear to relate to this looks to me like: "This includes personal attacks, profanity, or comments that are for any other reason objectionable." Is an attack personal if it points out the shortcomings of public figures such as MPs? The Sydney Morning Herald, for example, doesn't edit out the names of politicians when commenting on perceptions of their work as politicians (whether or not they come from PNG - try the Google search below). What is most bizarre about your policy here is that anyone reading it can simply search Google for "PNG Kerema MP". Why bother allowing comments at all if you aren't prepared to engage intelligently as an organisation? This would be less objectionable if you were to no longer refer to this aspect of your website as a blog. Great job on supporting the road. No points for censoring the very reality that leads to the World Bank having to fund it in the first place.