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Dear Denis, I'm sorry you see it that way. Here's how I see it --and I'm taking responsibility for why it was posted this way. Blogs are still a relatively recent content format, particularly when it comes to their legal aspects. This blog moderates its comments, as anyone submitting a comment is alerted to. A comment like the one above with the names included could perhaps be considered as defamation, and we could be sued for consciously making the decision to publish it --this has happened to other blogs. I am not ready to take that responsibility, and our rules are there for anyone to see and decide if they want to engage under those terms or not. I don't think naming names is the key that leads to engage intelligently.  This is another way in which this could have been handled: the comment could simply have not been published at all, or published with names deleted but without alerting to this fact. Nobody other than the person who wrote it and myself would know about it and you wouldn't find anything to object to. But would that have been more transparent or honest? I don't think so, and I tried to strike a medium ground that allowed for those views to be expressed without putting the blog at risk. I don't expect to convince you entirely but hope you'll agree the above is better than no comment at all - ? Best, -- Claudia Blog Admin