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I am 50% Kiribati and last year Christmas and NY I went and visited my mums family for the first time. At first I was scared, knowing that Kiribati was extremely small with hardly any resources, only enough for living. But when I got there, I loved it so much, to see everybody so happy and smiling even though they are less privelidged. And then as I met more and more of my family I began to love it even more, then I came back to my home country and decided to do a bridging course to get into nursing, because the health system there were obviously too small. I want to be apart of the development of this small island, one thing that saddened me was the rubbish on the shores and no toilets. Well, none in the typical home, they use the beach. Small things like this will make a difference. I look forward to reading your future blogs and seeing what you will be doing to help my country :)