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Hi Erdene, I do understand your struggling between two countries USA & Mongolia really good.I did return to UB 6 months ago after studying and working in numerous European countries e.g Germany, France and United Kingdom ( 8 years)..Mongolia demonstrates a development in few areas indeed.Although,here i can talk only from my point of view, this development does not seems to occur in working environment. An outstanding academic is indeed highliy demanded in every sectors ,but the question is are you wiling to work with ''slackers''. In this relative short amount of time, i have had a job in state financial institution as well as in Growth generating sector (Mining). In State financial institution where i worked for, there is tremendous amount of Vitamin B/Beziehung (Vitamin-Connection) employees. Which could be a real disappointment to a real academics. In private sector most of my co-workers are post-state employees or non-urban citizens with very poor education and work attidude. In matter of fact, there are many of graduates/ (with or no international work experience) are returning to Mongolia, but i personally believe an general education such as International Business or whatever are not demanded. If i were you, i would not return to UB within next 5 years, since Mongolia as a Lower middle income Country (according to IFC) with corruption index above acceptable level, is after all not an option for career enhancement. Cheers, Anonymous