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Submitted by Amaraa on
Well, to all mongolians, i will definitely recommend to come back and make changes. I, myself studied abroad not that long (6 years BS+Ms) comparing to you guys. and between my studies i have worked in UB for 1,5 year which was a great experience. I know a lot of my friends are feared to come back cuz of the difficulties, but what i am saying is that.. its changing. specially the private sector, they know how to encourage the ones who has the skills. but its not the case in public sector yet, like government organizations or etc. If you wanna work in government agencies you have to have the skill + some connections. The point is that, foreign educated mongolians should all come back to mongolia and start making the changes together. I guess, although many ppl r coming back, they r still not powerful enough to break the old system. So I always tell my friend to go back and work for your parents and kids. and one more thing is that, i want all mongolians to use their brain for 100% domestic companies. otherwise in a result of your hard work, some person, not mongolian, will have money for their bread. I think, everyone, not only mongolians, will feel the same way, specially if he/she is from 'small' country.