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Submitted by Tengis on
Dear Friend, It is sorry to hear that you do not wish to return home. But I would really recommend to reconsider. The country is growing rapidly and I think there is a way for you. There is a saying "Dont judge the country judge the people". One person can make a difference, development comes from one person. I mean that if people see what someone is doing others can follow. As for myself I have spent 15 years abroad, states and Europe. Now I have returned home to put my education to work (engineering, BSc, and business, MSc). I cant say that I dont face difficulties but I try to manage everything as I have learnt abroad. We Mongolians can adapt to any situation, so I say returning has been my best choice since crisis effected Europe and US. Here you can donate your knowledge to the development of the nation, there are people and organizations that value education and will.