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Submitted by ENK on
Of course we noticed what Mongolian companies are looking for as employees. Basically Mongolian companies are closely working with global companies. Therefore companies love to hire experienced people (professional with language skills)such as construction managers, risk managers, accountants. Obviously employees are able to communicate with foreign expats or able to work with foreign standards etc ACCA ... So there are so many competitions within the companies. Because Mongolian companies are looking for experienced people rather than train them. So fresh graduated Mongolians are hard to find the job, that is only reason they dont come back as soon as they graduated. Personally, I would say that Mongolian companies need to train to get the best employees for future to secure the employees rather than stealing from another companies. Also there are many ways to find job opportunity from abroad. Such as websites, agencies, friends, family members.... But you have to make good decisions. No rushing. Because I made a mistake myself so I dont want people make mistake rushing to get job. Consider what you really want to do in long term Thanks Enkhbayar (ENK)