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Dear all - I really enjoyed reading your comments. As Claudia pointed out, this discussion is now on our Facebook page, where it is being actively discussed (60 comments so far). I will post comments there, so if you're interested, zip over to @Gina - Great question. While each country has its own issues that limit its investments in infrastructure, here are a few I've seen in places I've worked (mostly former Soviet Union, but also Aceh, Indonesia and Mongolia): (i) Limited public funds available; (ii) unfavorable business environment (e.g. tariffs mandated by government do not cover operating costs); (iii) PPP mechanism poorly understood; (iv) risks involved unclear, making decision making and consensus harder; (v)legislation doesn't always support infrastructure investment objectives. The question is enormously complicated and involves thorny social, political and legal questions in addition to business ones. It can take a long time to push through them. I believe getting the private sector involved helps a lot (think financing and expertise). But it's still complicated, which is why having a neutral, experienced PPP transaction advisor is such a huge plus. I'd be grateful to hear of other examples and illustrations of barriers to investment in infrastructure, especially from government, investors, or people with direct experience in the question.