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It is very funny - as a researcher I was just searching some available information on air quality in UB and got into this blog by chance. And I found it valuable to share others experiences, and thoughts about returning home or stay in the developed world. I am one who is not very supportive the system that divides money (less than $20 for each individual per month), that comes from the mining sectors, to the public. It is a big amount if it will be focused on certain things like reducing air pollutions, public health or education. The last aspect - the education, system is not adequate throughout country -no practice nor training. It is not only about higher education it is in every level and in different fields including vocational training, basic economic as well as political education to common public. Having an adequate political education will help people to understand their rights and responsibilities and release what we can expect from the politicians elected by us. This will not let politicians work for only their families. My conclusion, briefly, is our government does not serve for public which must be its main aim and politicians are struggling to use a short term chance (4 years) to send their kids abroad. But it would be better if they struggle to give a chance to every kids to have a same start and same good school in their own country. This better educated society will create a better neighborhood and it may fit to their foreign educated kids.