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I believe that sooner or later, one absolutely must return to one's home country to contribute to it's development. The time-frame can vary from person to person and frankly, is a matter of personal discretion. When one leaves for abroad for higher education, it might be to evolve, seek greener pastures in terms of career etc. And since you've already been able to make that transition / take that step and "evolve", you should come back to contribute to the development of your country, so that: a) Similar facilities / opportunities are available to others and coming generations within your own country. b) Through a developed framework, you can empower and better position others to also seek education / career opportunities abroad. If one just goes, never to return or contribute, one may have evolved personally, but every next person will have to go through the same cycle and rut, thus essentially implying zero development or evolution, year-on-year and generation-on-generation.