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Anonymous, Knowing the language is the most important part, but for someone like myself (born in UB & raised abroad) learning Mongolian was not a priority growing up. This does not mean I don't know the language, but rather my speaking, writing, and listening skills are no where near what they can/should be. Growing up, I've always appreciated the fact that my parents sent me back to UB when I had the time/money but as the years went on, I came to the realization that I am often ostracized and berated because of the fact I am not fluent even though I'm Mongolian (generally by the older generation). I've been able to learn other languages (French & German) and in a global world, my language skills would be highly beneficial to any organization/company in Mongolia. Yet I have had an internal debate with myself for the past two years on wether or not to use my BA & soon to be MS in Finance (specializing in urban infrastructure finance) to work in/for Mongolia. I love my country yet the questions I ask myself are: Can I work in a country where I'm not fluent in the language? In a professional environment, will my deficiency in the language allow me up-ward mobility if I choose to work in Mongolia? Socially, will I continue to be ostracized? I've chosen my career path specifically in development, BA was focused on agricultural economics, and I want nothing but to help those less fortunate but how can I when a language barrier as big as this one is present? It's not that I haven't tried but I have a notable accent & learning a fourth language has been difficult (I still am unable to read & write)