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Submitted by Sara on
It is very interesting subject to talk about Ulaanbaatar. I am Mongolian, I believe we have brighter future but have work very hard. We have a lot to offer to the rest of the world but how can we delever all of it, having no education is not easy. The governmnet itself have no experience and no knowledge about economy or development. we dont have population for labour, rest of the world sees us income for mining company. If government spent enough money to keep countryside people confortable this is only way to reduce city pollution. Herders have very hard life to battle with harsh weather day and night summer and winter. instead of given money to people after moved into ger district in city, country should encourage people work as used to be, build a house for them, drill well for them in countryside, connect roads within soums, reduce thier expenses on nomads life, make it civilized. If the government spend more money for countryside people for schooling, hospital, education of course everybody would love to live there.