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Dear Peter, Thanks for your comment, which we in the World Bank Laos office understand relates to the video about NT2 revenues posted on the World Bank's website and not to this specific comment thread on hybrid courts. Your comment relates to Government road standards and procedures (remember that NT2 revenues are government owned and executed funds). The use of laterite soil for the roads which you saw in the video, is very common in South East Asia, and is used for the construction of many rural roads across the country and region. The reason is basically economics of it- Lao PDR is a sparsely populated country, which means it is hard to justify the high costs of certain road construction methods at this stage in its development with such a low population density. To surface the 30,000 km of main road network in the country, for example, it would take roughly half of GDP at the moment. The Government's approach is therefore to use a variety of road standards that are appropriate to the local objectives (e.g. basic access, as with the road in the video), and then upgrade the road network as it makes sense over time. Best, Sombath Southivong Transport Specialist, World Bank Lao PDR