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Submitted by Helen Chen on
Hi Lars, I am a Chinese, and also an Acoustic Engineer in China, I have some experience (about 4yrs) in Headphone sound tuning. As I know that the Acoustics is not very common in China, since just about 10 Schools in China have the Acoustics Major. So now is hard for some company to find a person with the Acoustic background. But Acoustic Engineer is popular in Chinese Job market.That is because there are many OEM factory in China now are not content to just make the OEM products, they would like to make something their own design, but most of which is based on the products that was popular in the market. So many of these company are looking for Acoustic Engineers. But most these company cannot satisfy most of Acoustic engineer, since they cannot provide a good salary and working platform and most of the factories do not have their own brand, they are alway make some copy products. Most of Acoustic Engineer including mewho graduated from Acoustic major in college and already have some experience in product development would like to work in a big company or a foreign famous company who have their own brand and RD department, like Harman, some kind of these. So now it is a little embarrassed in the Electric-Acoustic job market, many persons are looking for job, and also many companys are looking for engineer, but few of them can find one.